Swoonday - House with a View

Sep 21, 2014

I have always dreamed of a house that comes with an amazing view. Or at least something better than the house with chickens across the street and it's neighbor the house with a (hopefully) temporary smiley face painted on it. The Pacific Northwest house I picked for Swoonday this week definitely has a view to die for. There is something that really draws me in about rustic design and muted pallet with the cobalt blue added for a pop! To see more of this stunning home visit House Beautiful.

midcentury leather slung chair

I hope y'all have a great week!
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Bham Favorite - Paper Source

Sep 15, 2014

I thought I would talk about one of my more unusual Birmingham favorites, Paper Source. While Paper Source is located in many cities and online, it is relatively new to the Birmingham area and became a fast favorite. For people who are looking for invitations of any sort (wedding, party, shower, baby) this is the place to go. There are binders stuffed full of templates and they are so easy to personalize through the helpful staff.

For people more like me, with no current paper needs (though I could browse for hours) there are tons of other items in Paper Source to fill your home. Paper Source is my new go to place for hostess gifts and presents for family and friends. There is something for anyone in the store, they even have a great gift selection for men! And for those of you out there who love gift wrapping just as much as gift unwrapping, there is a whole wall of wrapping paper, ribbon, stamps, everything your gift wrapping little heart could imagine! Who ever you are, I am ready and willing to learn your gift wrapping ways. ;)

Below are a few of my favorites items I saw on a recent trip to Paper Source (with a calligrapher friend) that are also available online-just in case a Paper Source isn't in your area!


Have y'all ever been to Paper Source? Does anyone out there love paper and gifts as much as I do?
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Looking Forward

Sep 10, 2014

Already great, and things just seem to be getting better! The bad times have brought the best times!

I sometimes find myself thinking about the past. Some memories bring great joy, like nostalgia about moments growing up, or what seemed like flawless time spent in college. But other times I find myself concentrating on those less than splendid times, those that are not worthy of thought. Which, to be honest, usually take up most of my thoughts. So, to rid myself of a bad habit of looking back, I find that it helps to look forward. Below are some things that I am currently looking forward to.

|| Time spent with blogging friends. My little new found blog friend group has made an effort to meet up monthly for happy hour. I love time spent in good company and these girls are a great crowd.

|| Fall weather. While our summer has not been much to complain about (as far as heat goes) here in Alabama, I find myself always longing for the crisp air, fall outfits, and soup! I have been trying to hold out on posting a Fall favorites list just because I think it's a tad bit too warm still. 

|| Football. We are in the middle of football season but that doesn't keep me from looking forward to every Saturday (or Thursday on week for Auburn). I especially look forward to home games where I get to see my friends and family all in one town.

|| Halloween. I am not a Halloween fanatic like some people I know, but I do love our office celebration, seeing the neighborhood children dressed up, and indulging in some left over candy. Yum!

|| Vacation Days. I think I have mentioned it about a hundred times already but I always accidentally stockpile my vacation days (hoping for some big trip, in vain) and now I have to use about 14 before December 1st. I must say, even if it's a netflix binge day, it's better than work, am I right?

|| I have yet to go to the Lake this year and I am craving a lake weekend like no other! I foresee some of the above mentioned vacation days being used for a family trip to the lake! 

What about you, what are some things you are looking forward to?

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Gallery Wall Dreaming

Aug 29, 2014

Gallery walls are really popular right now and I have fallen hard for the trend. I love the idea of having a gathering of many different items to fill up a blank space, especially if you don't love your wall colors or live in a rental space. It's also really great for people like me who can never narrow down the options for my wall. I mean, with things like etsy and Pinterest the options are endless and I want it all! Below are some of my favorites that I have pulled from my guest room gallery wall inspiration board.


What about you, are you loving the gallery wall trend? Any favorites you want to add to your walls?

Hope y'all have a great holiday weekend! 
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I'm Obsessed With You

Aug 22, 2014

Happy Friday Y'all!
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Fall Means Football

Aug 21, 2014

It's that time of year again. We are officially 9 days away from football season! I know it's real when our work sends out the Football Kickoff Tailgate invite email. How can I not love working for a company that has a day full of BBQ, games, and live music on a Thursday? I am so excited. I watched a video a few weeks back just about the Auburn Marching Band and I had goose bumps and don't even get me started on the Aubie video I watched yesterday (I may have teared up). 

While I could go on and on about my love of Auburn football, I know that I am in a minority here in Birmingham and most of my readers are not as Tiger loving as I happen to be. So, why not talk about something everyone can relate to...food!

Tailgating is one of the best parts about football season. I mean, where else can you walk around and see friends, family, and strangers that soon become friends? And honestly, pig out! Hey, don't worry about it, you burn those calories walking around campus  and up and down those stadium stairs. So treat yo' self to some of the delicious tailgate favorites below.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Are y'all as excited about football season as I am? Do you have any tailgate food favorites? If so, please share!

War Eagle! :)
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