Mar 18, 2015

Hi there! Just popping in to send out some love and let you know I will be back very soon. Just got some stuff to clear off my plate. Thanks for sticking around! :)



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How to be a good Cubicle Coworker

Mar 11, 2015



Working with the same people day in and day out is already a struggle. Coworkers become friends, they begin to know you better than others, and see your highs and lows because they are who you spend 40+ hours with a week. It's a weird friend/coworker relationship that is still a mystery.

While I know some people don't have traditional 9-5 jobs where they go in and sit at a desk all day, I figured most blog readers might. So I compiled a list of things I believe are the do and don'ts for those of us in such close quarters with others all day. Please note, these are not things that are necessarily happening to me at work (for any coworkers who many stumble upon my blog), please don't hate me. :)

Personal Hygiene || Of course you should be clean enough to venture out of your house for work everyday, you don't always need to be dressed to the nines but please just look/smell appropriate. If you don't then just stay home, take a me day, and try again tomorrow.

Nail Clipping/Painting/Paint Removing || Okay everyone has a hang nail now and then, I get it, but please don't sit at your desk and clip every nail slowly and repetitively. If we are slow and you are feeling a bit like Wolverine, then sure ask around and it might be okay with everyone to give yourself a little manicure, but during a busy time is likely to drive everyone nuts with the clip-clip-clip. For nail polish/remover, I have been know to reach my limit of nail chips and breakout the remover at work, but always in the bathroom not in a work space. That smell screams I have nothing to do!

Loud Music || I get it, it's hard to get through the day and that big stack of paperwork without listening to some tuneage, but I should not be able to guess the exact artist and song when the headphones are not in my ears. Do your ears and me and favor, and turn that noise down! Unless it's Friday at 4:30, feel free to get into weekend mode!

Whistling/Humming/Random Singing || Personally, nothing drives me crazier than someone making random singing noises. I am sure that song you are listening to or that is stuck in your head is the jam, but please don't hum random high bits that are sure to call the attentions of near by dogs.

Smelly Food || Personally food smells don't bother me.For someone who cooks Indian food frequently my noise isn't sensitive, but others may not be as cool. If you have to apologize about your food smells then the kitchen might be a better place to eat.

Cube or non-cube workers what do you think? What do you think is just a good rule of thumb for those of us 9-5ers?

ps. Don't you just love the Vince Vaughn stock photos?
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Furniture of a Twenty-Something

Mar 4, 2015

Let's take second and get real--I love oohing and aahing over the pictures I post every so often on Sundays for "Swoonday". And as much time as I spend daydreaming it's not happening for a twenty-something that works at an advertising firm aka, me. Those photos that are featured in Architectural Digest, Domino, House Beautiful, etc. are from celebrities, the independently wealthy, the highly creative, not this little blogger. So where do I go shopping and expect to get something for now, but do not expect it to last the rest of my life (but if it wants to I'd be perfectly pleased)? Ikea and H&M Home are two of my go to favorites. Or at least they have been where I have been shopping for the last few years to at put something in my home for when family and friends come over.

Living Room on a Budget

It's definitely hard to find things that are semi-quality and in a reasonable price point but after some trial and error I have found that it can be done. And as much as I would love to save save save my money for something glorious from Restoration Hardware or West Elm, it's just not piratical or hospitable to have friends over and offer them a seat on bean bag chairs or wooden crates. :)

What about you, where do you like to go get furniture for your house, apartment, loft, townhouse?
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Hello March!

Mar 3, 2015

Happy March!

One of my favorite parts of a new month is changing out my work desktop background with a new pretty calendar picture. I know it's super nerdy but I frequently use it when looking up what day a particular date falls on. It's much prettier than opening the tiny windows calendar in the bottom right corner and much easier than pulling out my planner. Plus if I'm going to have to be at work for eight hours a day, might as well have something pretty to look at, right?

While browsing for a pretty new background for March I figured you might want to update your desktop too. Below are some of my absolute favorites!






I truly wish I could create something so pretty but until then I will just have to rely on the talented artists out there that graciously share their work!
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Out To Sea

Feb 25, 2015



Sometimes I feel like a small ship stranded at sea waiting for a large wave to come and capsize me at any moment. It's easy to get overwhelmed and feel like the only thing that will make everything better is a big bowl of ice cream or a good cry. I frequently let small things at at work, with friends, or family completely ruin my day. Like nope, game over, let's just move on to tomorrow. There is no rhyme or reason to what will affect me but when it does I am in a big ole mean funk (the funk is mean, not me). I have some new things that I have found to be very helpful for the aforementioned funk. (try and say that ten times fast) is the perfect escape when I find myself getting overrun with mindless worrying. I love being able to set a timer on a guided calm (I highly recommend these) or a timer for a quiet calm. Taking a few minutes out of my day for a little mediation works wonders for sorting out my thoughts, settling my nerves and in turn reduces my anxiety. Plus I always find it boosts my mood and productivity when I am done.

Yoga with Erin Motz of Bad Yogi has really improved my overall mood and stress level. I find that practicing first thing in the morning  helps me start the day fully awake and ready to face any challenge. And another short session either after work or right before bed really helps me wash any of the day's worries or ick that has built up in me. Erin is really great for beginners (like myself) it takes some getting used to and I am still not perfect but I do find it to be a great addition to my day. 

Pacifica is a new app that I stumbled upon the other day  and while I haven't had a chance to really dive in and explore every part of the app, I was immediately interested. It seems like a perfect tool for those with high anxiety levels like me and has so many different functions like Mood Tracker, Relaxation Exercises, Experiments, to name a few, which are supposed help combat anxiety. I am hoping with frequent use of this app I can become better at managing my anxiety.

Hopefully some of these can help you whether you have anxiety or just have a lot going on in your life and need some ways to relax! 
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Lip Love

Feb 19, 2015

lip love

Ever since about age eighteen my mother would repeatedly tell me, "you need to put on some lip color" and I would grumble back "meh". I couldn't stand having anything on my lips (aside from some ChapStick), it made me feel so old and I was not ready to grow up at all. Now in my later twenties, I am obsessed with lip care/color/gloss/everything and wish I could go back and say to young Meegan, "listen to your mom, your lips get thinner as you get older, so find a fun color and go nuts!". I am still not as brave as my barbie pink lip color wearing sister; I like to think I am more on the left side of the above chart and she on the right. What about you, do you dare to go bold & bright with your lips or keep it fresh & simple? Got any recommendations for pale brunettes?
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Friday Update & Link-up!

Feb 13, 2015


1|| Husband and I just finalized our flight and hotel to Baltimore for a good friends' wedding in May and I cannot wait to see old friends. It has been a while since I have been to Baltimore/D.C. and as much as I thought I was over D.C. I've recently decided I'm not. Have you been to the area? If you had 48 hours in Baltimore/D.C. what would be on your list? I'm looking to pack in as much fun ( in as I possibly can.

2|| I'm not sure what fuels my love of ballet but I have always loved shows/movies/documentaries about dance. I wish I had taken dance lessons as a child, but looking at my body now, I know I was not made to be a ballerina. I recently saw a preview for Ballet 422, a look "backstage at New York City Ballet as Justin Peck, a young up-and-coming choreographer, crafts a new work" and I'm dying to see it. Until it is released, if you need a ballet fix check out this & this. Who doesn't love to see the behind the scenes of anything artsy?

3|| Ever since I listed to the podcast "Serial" (any listeners out there? Did you see the news?- big deal), I have been hooked on podcasts. They really seem to make the work day go by faster and I have learned a lot. If you can listen to stuff at work, I highly recommend the ones below!

  • Call Your Girlfriend// If you are post college like me and have had/has a bestie that lives far away you are sure to love this podcast on all things current. Just a informal chat between friends.
  • Memory Palace// Pretty sure husband wants to kill me after I spouted out a ton of random facts after listening to too many episodes of the Memory Palace. If you love historical fun facts and have 3-5 minutes to spare, I suggest listening to an episode.
  • Criminal// If you love Serial, real life crime story, you will love Criminal. If you haven't listened to Serial then just think real life Law & Order.
  • Throwing Shade// I am new to this one and have only listened to one episode but I looove it so far. So freaking funny!
4|| Just to acknowledge Valentine's day (but let's be serious Galentine's Day is where it's at!), I thought I would fill out the latest Blogmopolitan quiz from Erin at Two Thirds Hazel! I am addicted to quizzes and every time she releases one I feel like a pre-teen reading Seventeen again. It's my favorite link-up ever! And in case you don't know what Galentine's Day is please watch some Parks and Recreation and you can thank me later. ;)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Big romantic plans or Netflix and snacks like me? No matter what you do, remember I love and appreciate each of you! ♥

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